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Off-Campus Access to Library Resources

How Do I Login from Off-Campus?

NOTE: You don't need a link to get in--when you click on something that requires a login, you will be prompted.

Step 1: FIRST-TIME USER? You are already registered!

     Accounts for new students are created automatically.

Step 2: Login

     USERNAME = barcode number on your ID.
     PASSWORD (default) = yulis - If you need us to reset it, email us at

Step 3: Designate a new password for off-campus access.

     Enter yulis (lower case) as your old password.


Log in with your "active directory" (YUAD) username and password.

     This is the username and password you use to log in to access your YU email or a library computer.


Special Login Instructions

     Are you in the S. Daniel Abraham Program? If so, click here.
     Are you a YU alumnus/a? If so, click here, or email


Need More Help or Info?

     Email us at

What Login Info do I Use Where?

Function Username or UserID Password Get Help
Library account/book loan renewals Barcode on your ID
(starts with a 2)
Barcode on your ID Go to the Check Out Desk;
Off campus access to library resources (includes E-Reserves, library databases, ebooks) Barcode on your ID
(starts with a 2)
Default password is yulis, but you may have designated a new one
The E-Reserves page for your course None
(although you may need your Off-Campus access login)
Password your professor gave you for your course Speak to a Librarian; email your professor
Logging onto a YU computer "Active Directory" username* Default password is your last initial plus last 4 SSN digits, but you may have designated a new one Check the Active Directory terminal 2nd Floor, Gottesman Library; call 1-800-829-7418