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Ask the Library

Research Help

For research questions or to schedule a research consult:
Beren Campus - Hedi Steinberg Library: 212-340-7720
Wilf Campus - Mendel Gottesman Library of Hebraica/Judaica: 646-592-4190
Wilf Campus - Pollack Library: 646-592-4045

Research Help Hours:
Monday -Thursday: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Friday (Wilf): 9:00 AM - 12:00 Noon
Friday (Beren): 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Sunday (Wilf): 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
Sunday (Beren): 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

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Need information regarding library hours?

Check Library Hours page.

Problems connecting the library resources?

Off-campus Access:
Alumni Access: 

Need an item we don't have?

Request a book or article via Interlibrary loan service.

Question about an overdue book or a fine?

Beren Campus:
Wilf Campus:

Want to consult a manuscript from the Rare Book Room or a document from the Archives? ; 646-592-4058

Library Staff

Library Administration

Paul Glassman, Director of University Libraries, 646-592-4106 

Christine Dalen, Administrative Coordinator, 646-592-4107

Pollack Library

John Moryl, Head Librarian, 646-592-4046

Marlene Austin-Francis, Circulation, evening, 646-592-4045

Ursuline Destouche, Circulation and Binding, 646-592-4045

Steven Essig, Public Services Librarian, 646-592-4450

Stephanie (Sara Leah) Gross, Electronic Reserves Librarian, 646-592-4044

Shulamis Hes, Electronic Resources and Reference Librarian, 646-592-4047

Bernice Katz, Circulation, 646-592-4045

Wendy Kosakoff, Public Services and Outreach Librarian, 646-592-4459

Mary Ann Linahan, Interlibrary Loan, 646-592-4041

Alex Ratnovsky, Physical processing and Circulation, 646-592-4045

Igor Timkovsky, Circulation, weekend

Galina Topiler, Acquisitions, 646-592-4040

Judah Wohlgelernter, Circulation, evening

Mendel Gottesman Library

Leah Adler, Head Librarian of Hebraica-Judaica, 646-592-4108

Rachel Berliner, Acquisitions, 646-592-4197

Zvi Erenyi, Collection Development and Reference Librarian, 646-592-4122

Carla Hanauer, Library Desk, evening, 646-592-4190

Moshe Schapiro, Reference Librarian, 646-592-4278

Hedi Steinberg Library

Edith Lubetski, Head Librarian, 212-340-7720

Chaya Sara (Hallie) Cantor, Acquisitions, 212-340-7723

Shulamith Cohen, Circulation, 212-340-7725

Elinor Grumet, Reference Librarian, 212-340-7722

Rina Krautwirth, Research and Instruction Librarian, 212-340-7785

Hindishe Lee,  Reference Librarian, 212-340-7724

Alona Shevach,  Reserve, evening, 212-340-7720

Shlomo Shevach, Circulation, evening, 212-340-7724

Alice Weiss, Circulation, 212-340-7725

Special Collections

Shulamith Berger, Curator of Special Collections and Hebraica-Judaica, 646-592-4053

Sara Saiger, Archives, 646-592-4054

Deena Schwimmer, Archivist, 646-592-4055

Library Systems and Digital Collections

Hao Zeng, Head of Library Web and Digital Services, 646-592-4059 

J.B. Holderness, Library Systems Administrator, 646-592-4052

Metadata Services and Processing

Rebecca Malamud, Head Librarian, 646-592-4100 

Gerald Cohen, Cataloging, 646-592-4244

Zahava Cohen, Cataloging, 646-592-4277

Ella Ruderman, Catalog Librarian, 646-592-4244

Alex Ratnovsky, Physical Processing and Circulation, 646-592-4276

Marlene Schiffman, Catalog Librarian, 646-592-4276

Avrom Shuchatowitz, Catalog Librarian, 646-592-4277