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I found a source I need, but I can't find the full-text.

Finding a Full-Text Version of an Article

Step 1 - Look to see if we have it in a different database.

Step 2 - If not, we can get it for you, for free!

Get a Book from Stern delvered to Wilf Campus, and Vice-Versa

  • Takes 2 days.

Search Techniques

Phrase search Use quotation marks around your phrase
Truncation (sometimes called "wild card")
  • Example: photo* looks for photo, photograph, photography, photographer, etc…
Use an asterisk (*) with a word stub
Choose a field to search
  • Often searching the ABSTRACT, SUBJECT, or TITLE field will narrow your search
  • (An ABSTRACT is a summary of the article)
Drop-down menus
Resource category limiters
  • Which library is it in?
  • When was it published?
  • Scholarly (peer-reviewed) articles only?
  • Etc.
Drop-down menus or check boxes
Boolean operators --see examples below
  • Family AND sibling will find fewer results
  • Family OR sibling will find more results
  • Family NOT sibling will eliminate certain results
Drop-down menus


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